Bathroom Remodel Package

Remodeling Design Plan Pricing

1st Visit: Free

Block of 10 hours: $1,000.00 (Minimum)

Additional Blocks of 5 hours each: $500

Additional Single Hours: $125.00 per hour

918 Interiors will:

● Provide you with answers to your questions and professional advice for your design plan.

● Provide you with a rough concept, ideas, options, and strategies based upon the information you provide.

● Coordinate Materials: Design Fee will cover time spent shopping pulling samples of all materials needed such as paint colors, lighting, countertops, tile & custom tile designs with sketches for client and installer, and consultation on site.

● Give you access to many types of resources in terms of products and people.

● Make your space unique & develop a design that will be an extension of your personal style.

● Help you achieve the look you are going for in your space.

● Give you our Designer Discount on all materials. All materials purchased through 918 Interiors will be sold at a rate of Cost+20%